Account promotion in a bookmaker

It so happened that sports betting attracts, like a magnet, various scam artists and charlatans. This is quite an ordinary practice, in which there is nothing surprising. Where money is spinning, there can always be a place to cheat. Alas, ordinary people often suffer from this.

In the case of sports betting, the hook of various scammers, most often, is experienced inexperienced beginners who have a poor understanding of all this bookmaker’s kitchen. After all, very often all these stories sound so sweet about how you can “quickly double your capital” and other similar stories.

Alas, most often, instead of finding a real “gold mine” we are faced with a banal deception. Today we would like to tell you about such a popular method of cheating newbies, like “account promotion”.

Surely you have heard or read about such an option, as “promotion account”

Recently, such a scheme is becoming more and more popular. The essence of this method is that you give access to your game account to some stranger. This person should maximally promote this game account (at the same time, your money is in the account, that is, the “promoter” does not risk anything at all).

Such promotion has certain agreed boundaries. Most often, the final point is chosen by two points: this is either a certain period (for example, they promise to promote a game account in 2 weeks), or a certain amount. There is no particular difference.

Following the achievement of the final point of promotion, the person who did this should make a report for you. Your task is to share the profit with this person. In most cases, the condition is that you give 50% of the net gain on this account for such work.

Ideally, everything looks fairly simple and honest

It would seem that everyone has their own interest and their capabilities. If everything is going well, then everything remains in the black. However, the reality is that, more often than not, everything is not going according to plan. If suddenly a person who is engaged in the promotion of your account, something goes wrong, then in pursuit of wagering, he just loses all the money that was in your account.

As you understand, it is useless to look for those guilty here. You yourself have given this person access to your game account. Therefore, it is hardly worth waiting for the fact that it compensates you for the lost funds. Such a person will simply turn around and leave, and you will remain at the broken trough.

In most situations, this is exactly what happens. Think about it yourself, a person who knows how to make money in a bookmaker’s office, does he have a reason to do this for someone else? Or it will still be wise to play on your account and not get involved with any intermediaries. Reality is usually fairly banal. These people either lost all their money they could, or they treat them very carefully and do not want to risk their hard-earned money.

Most often, for businessmen who work according to this scheme, everything is quite prosaic.

They recruit a whole group of customers. With someone they will be lucky, and they really unwind the bill (perhaps not as powerful as promised, but still). However, as practice shows, usually 1-2 successful promotion of the account can be from 5 to 10 unsuccessful. Simply put, someone is lucky, and someone instead of several thousand rubles (or several tens of thousands) will see 0 in the account.
The conclusion here is simple. It is impossible for anyone, never and under any circumstances to trust access to your gaming account in a bookmaker. You can promise anything. Do not believe in such tales. In most cases, this is the usual “scam”, which is designed for beginners and gullible players. If you want to succeed, you can just choose some good betting company like this one and try to do everything yourself.