TOP popular songs for acoustic guitar

Keep it simple – and people will reach for you. The success can be found here – the simplest, and the most popular genre of vocal music. Poetic strings buried in memory, put on a relatively simple melody, allow listeners not only to listen to the performer – but to sing along with him (out loud or to himself). Good songs swiftly “go to the people”, rehearse many times and become part of the lives of millions of people. Rolling Stone, one of the most respected music magazines in the world, made a rating of the bets songs in history in 2004, interviewing more than 150 musicians and authoritative music critics – and in 2010 and 2011 it updated the ratings. Despite the fact that the list is positioned as the top of the greatest songs of all time, it includes mostly performers of the second half of the 20th century, who worked in different styles of rock music. The chords for different songs can be found here

Separately, you can select the following songs:

1. Kurt Cobain’s song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was released in 1991 – and is located on the top positions of music ratings, becoming the main hit of the Nirvana group. The song is kind of hymn to “generation X”, received two MTV Video Music Awards and was recognized as the part of music history. The way this song was written – a kind of curiosity. “Teen Spirit” is the title of Mennen’s youth deodorant, and once Cobain’s friend (vocalist of Bikini Kill) wrote that Kurt smells like Teen Spirit, meaning the smell of his girl’s deodorant. But Cobain, having no idea about this brand, took this phrase about “teen spirit” literally, saw rebellious overtones in the phrase and wrote a song. The fact that it turned out free advertising deodorant (sales of which, by the way, after the release of the song rushed up), he learned only in a few months.

2. “Yesterday” – the most popular song of The Beatles, was the part of album “Help!”, released in 1965. The author is Paul McCartney, and he was the only musician of the band who took part in the recording: the song includes only an acoustic guitar and a string quartet. This makes “Yesterday” one of the first rock ballads in music. The song ranked first in the charts of many countries around the world, according to BBC polls in 1999, was recognized as the best song of the 20th century and entered the Guinness Book of Records as a record holder in the number of cover versions (more than 2500).

3. The most striking example of a rock ballad, where drama is enough for another couple of dozen songs. “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” was released in October 1988 as the third single from the album Poison “Open Up and Say … Ahh!”. The soulful and catchy ballad quickly led the American charts, becoming the only song of the band that reached the top of the charts. Having stayed on top for about three weeks, the song was fixed on the 11th line of the Mainstream Rock chart.

4. “Imagine” is a John Lennon song from the album with the same title, released in 1971. Lennon himself jokingly called the song, which had become his calling card, “an authentic Communist manifesto” – in it he expounds his point of view on what the ideal world order should be. In 1971, however, the song did not occupy places higher than third in the charts of America and Great Britain. But after Lennon’s death in 1980, Imagine was re-released and became an absolute hit. Now this is a “landmark” song: under “Imagine”, the New Year is celebrated in New York – the song sounds in Times Square on December 31 in the last minutes before midnight; it played at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London; performed from the bell tower of Liverpool Cathedral. From this song the Europe Plus radio station began its broadcasting.