Top 5 IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine

Ukraine was named as #1 IT outsourcing destination by GSA UK in 2017. It did not come as a surprise for any of the IT outsourcing market players in Ukraine, as Silicon Valley startups widely outsource to Ukraine.

As the US and the EU businesses discover more and more reasons to outsource to Ukraine, they begin to search for the best in the Ukraine IT outsourcing companies. We made a list of the leaders of Ukrainian IT outsourcing market, based on the ratings from Clutch, the reputable international technology consultancy provider from Washington, D.C. The list is constantly updated, so the IT outsourcing  & cloud computing consultants there are listed in no particular order.


SoftServe is a digital transformation and IT outsourcing services provider founded 1993 in Ukraine, currently headquartered in Austin, TX. The company has ample expertise in building apps and platforms for industries like healthcare, finances, retail, media, and software delivery. SoftServe fields more than 1,000 employees, accepts projects with an average check above $50,000 and charges $100-$150/hr on an hourly basis.

IT Svit

IT Svit is one of the top 10 managed Services Providers worldwide, according to Clutch. The company was founded in 2005 and operates from Kharkiv, Ukraine. The core expertise fields include managed DevOps services and building dedicated teams for a full-stack web app and software delivery for healthcare, finances, marketing, retail, entertainment, telecom, and other industries. Additional expertise includes blockchain development, Big Data analytics, training ML & AI models, building self-healing IT infrastructure, etc. The company fields 50+ specialists charges $25-$50/hr and accepts projects with a minimal budget of $5,000.

CoreValue Inc.

CoreValue is a Gold Microsoft Partner and Global SalesForce Consulting Partner founded in Ukraine back in 2004 and specializing in delivering enterprise-grade transformational digital solutions. They specialize in building ML systems and AI-powered Big Data analytics solutions and also engage in web and mobile app development, SalesForce implementations, delivering bespoke Data Science platforms, automated testing and QA. The company is headquartered in Rochelle Park, NJ, houses 250+ employees in 9 R&D hubs across Eastern Europe, and accepts projects with budgets above $50,000.  


Infopulse is a digital solutions provider with nearly 3 decades of experience in building cloud solutions, Microsoft/SAP services & consulting, systems integration, telecom operations, business consulting, etc. The team of more than 1,000 specialists has also acquired a deep understanding of AR/VR development, AI/ML/Chatbots development, Cloud & DevOps services, building mobile apps and many more areas. InfoPulse takes on the projects with $50,000 minimal budget and charges $25-$50 hourly.

The App Solutions

The App Solutions is the youngest among the top 5 IT outsourcing companies listed. The company was founded in 2013 and operates from Kiev, Ukraine. The team specializes in building Big Data solutions, ML and AI-driven apps, high-load platforms for various industries. 50+ specialists work with startups and enterprises to help them transform the way they interact with their customers and competitors. The App Solutions charge $50-$99/hr and accept the projects with $5,000 minimal budget.

Conclusions on top 5 Ukraine IT outsourcing companies

As you can see, there are multiple IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. They vary in size, in expertise and in the scope of the projects they engage in. However, they are the same in one thing — in unrelenting quality of their services, which is characteristic for many Ukrainian IT companies and rapidly turns Ukraine into the new global IT outsourcing hub.

Do you want your next IT project to succeed? Select the company that fits your requirements best and rest assured they will deliver what is needed!