Fuengirola is a modern resort and charm of ancient Andalusia

Spanish contrasts can be called one of the brightest qualities of this country. What are they expressed in? All you have to do is come to Fuengirola and everything will become clear. It perfectly combines the advantages of a modern resort with the unique atmosphere of cities with an ancient and interesting history. Fuengirola is a city of breathtaking antiquities and comfortable landscaped beaches, skyscrapers and small ancient houses, authentic markets and large shopping centers. Occupying third place in the country in terms of population density, it combines active resort life in the season with dimensionality in the rest of the year.

Fuengirola is located between two of Andalusia’s famous resorts: Malaga, which is 20 km to the northeast, and Marbella, which is just as much to the west. And it is a great place to enjoy a calmer lifestyle than in these promoted resorts. Of course, there’s also the hustle and bustle, but only if you look for it purposefully. However, you won’t miss it: ancient quarters with incredibly beautiful streets, colourful sights and cultural attractions are ready to be discovered by anyone who is interested in them. Thanks to its rich history, Fuengirola has preserved many beauties and values.

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Eternal spring and swimming all year round

In Fuengirola, you can enjoy more than just privacy and cultural enrichment. The unique biopark is open to everyone all year round, and the peculiarity of this place is that it reproduces the heritage of civilizations from different parts of the world (fragments of famous sights of Asia and other regions), and a variety of animals can be photographed not only against the background of the usual greenery.

Bathing all year round is available in the water park with many slides and swimming pools, where the whole family will enjoy themselves. And this is not all the activities available to residents and visitors of the city. Andalusia is not without reason: bullfighting, flamenco and other highlights take place regularly in Fuengirola. Vacation here, especially in the season when the population increases from 77 thousand to 250 thousand, opens up all possibilities. Those who choose to stay here and buy real estate in Fuengirola are not bored in other periods.

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The city is surrounded by picturesque mountains, whose sharp peaks rise above it, protecting it from the harsh winds. There are 340 days of sunshine a year in Fuengirola, and the air temperature does not drop below +10°C even in winter months. In summer it doesn’t drop below +30°С. The beaches of Fuengirola marked with the blue flag are a good addition to such warm weather – clean water, sand and infrastructure here are worthy of the highest praise. This means that you can enjoy life here all year round, strolling along the beautiful promenade, where modern art is exhibited under the open sky, visiting local restaurants with excellent cuisine, having fun at carnivals and festivals held in Fuengirola several times a year. It is one of the most attractive cities to buy a house or apartment on the Costa del Sol – not without reason it is very popular with investors from Western Europe. Due to the love of the English for this city, there are many pubs where beer lovers can enjoy a top quality foam drink.