How digital signage can be used

Digital Signage – the use of digital technology by the general public or a specific group of people. Today, digital information and advertising signs (Digital Signage) are gaining increasing popularity as an effective business promotion. The most characteristic users of this tool are retail and fast food. Digital signage easily meets the needs of business in modern dynamic solutions, which are designed to demonstrate content in a bright convenient way that attracts a wide audience. Digital signage easily fit into the architectural composition of the premises and often become a central element of design solutions.

Digital signage, in contrast to conventional billboards, have great functionality when working with advertising content. Advertising can be managed centrally and in real time, respond quickly to the needs of the target audience and advertisers, or set a pre-planned mapping algorithm.

How can I use digital signage?

Information function

To help people provide them with the necessary information;

Entertain visitors;

Provide visitors with the necessary information, for example, about a discount or a queue.

Advertising function

Attract the attention of customers;

Provide product information;

Increase sales.

Entertaining feature

Make the shopping process more enjoyable;

Increase the time spent on the trading floor.

A properly built Digital Signage system enhances the company’s competitiveness. To manage the system is enough one person. Such a decision increases the visitor’s involvement with the products and action offers of the trade pavilion of your organization, and also (with the right content) increases customer and staff satisfaction. The dynamic picture attracts attention, increases the efficiency of perception. If you need Digital Signage, you can buy it at fortuna signs store.

Technological component of Digital Signage

Digital Signage systems include replay tools (displays), media players, connectivity infrastructure (data networks are increasingly used for this purpose), as well as a content creation and management system (including remotely). They allow you to deliver content over long distances, and this process can be flexibly controlled. Deployment of Digital Signage Systems is one of the activities of the IBT Company.

The Digital Signage system consists of the following components:

  • Visualization (LCD, LED screen, projector)
  • Player (PC + software or specialized)
  • Switching / network / video signal delivery
  • CMS – content management system and digital signage network

Often, leading vendors offer a comprehensive system that includes all the components necessary for the implementation of Digital Signage, which greatly simplifies both the integration of the solution and its subsequent use and maintenance.

In recent years, progress has been made in the technology of LED (LED) panels. Their advantages are high brightness, small thickness, energy efficiency, long service life, maintainability. The screens become flexible and can take almost any shape and form, which is especially important for retail, to create a “wow effect” in the fight for the attention of customers. And if the content is also correctly selected, this effect is amplified many times. Information and advertising digital signs are increasingly equipped with interactive features, learning to communicate with customers. They cease to be solely a display tool and turn into an effective analytics tool that provides valuable information to marketers. Smart solutions allow you to determine the gender and age of customers or visitors, and, depending on it, offer them one or another content. There is a growing interest in video walls and large format displays: a large and dynamic picture attracts more attention.